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Build Your Own Donkey Engine

This section describes a drawing package to fabricate and assemble a live steam working model of two drum donkey engine. The links at the left allow you to view samples of the various drawings. As the links and summary documents show, this is a set of engineering drawings with comprehensive detail and quality. Furthermore, the drawings are backed by Plan - Ahead - Designs email product support to answer questions and provide recommendations. This model is designed in 1-1/2” = 1’ scale. Faithfully scaled and reproduced from original museum documents.

About the Donkey Engine

Built by American Hoist and Derrick Company
Clyde #2863 7"x10", 2 drum Contractor's Hoist
42" x 90" boiler
Shipping Weight 10,950 lbs
Tested March 12, 1917
Shipped March 20, 1917 to Portland, Oregon
via Clyde Equipment Company, Seattle, Washington
Disposition: On display at the San Francisco Maritime Museum
Model dimensions: 15" long x 11" wide x 21" tall
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