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Boiler and Fittings Set

Set #5

This set provides detail and assembly drawings for the Boiler and fittings; including all equipment mounted to the boiler.

Approx. 114 DRAWINGS IN 190 sheets

Shipping weight: 4-1/2 pounds

A drawing breakdown of the set includes:

      • Smokebox w. smoke stack, exhaust nozzle, smoke box door and fittings
      • Steam inlet and exhaust pipes,
      • Steam dome with Ashton "FC" safety valve, Nathan Single Bell Whistle assembly, and steam throttle
      • Sand dome,
      • Steam turret with fittings
      •  Sellers "KS" check valve
      • Sellers type "N" Injector
      • Franklin fire door, style No 8 (operating)

(Builder’s kit available from David W Moore)

      • Grate arrangement (under fire box)
      • Bell with "King" bell ringer, including internal details of ringer
      • Headlight bracket, headlight (as fitted on prototype),
      • Generator bracket w. dummy Pyle National turbo generator.
      • Handrails and walkways.

A sample drawing for the set is shown below, and a PDF price list showing this and other drawings is available by clicking here.

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