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Optional Detail Drawings to Machine from Solid or Build - up Sections

Set #8

Alternatively the “cast” parts can be made from the solid, or from built-up, brazed assemblies. 
Complete construction and machining details are included to make this possible.
For example this allows the builder to use steel for the truck frames, as was done on the prototype.
The wheels can be machined from steel bar stock.  This seems like a lot of work, but it is wise to fit the wheels with steel tires, so the amount of machining is still considerable with a cast iron core. Also the cost of wheel castings is considerable and counts a long ways towards justifying the labor to make these parts from bar stock.
The engine cylinders can be made from three sections brazed together and machined, and will perfectly match the jacketed look of the prototype parts.  Corrosion resistant materials such as bronze or brass could be used here, although the cost of these materials will be high.

Parts like the steam pipes and boiler are designed to be made from standard heavy walled steel pipe and weld fittings.  This results in strong and flawless parts.
So by using these techniques the builder can save the cost of the cast parts, obtain superior strength for many parts which were of steel or cast steel on the prototype, and avoid the potentially disappointing experiences with internal casting flaws.

The possibility of discovering flaws inside a cast piece is completely eliminated.


187-A-5017-BUILT                BOTTOM BRACKET, BUILT UP
                                                13 SHEETS

                                                    14 SHEETS

317-A-5009-NW                     ASSEMBLY, BRAZED STEAM CYLINDER
                                                (NW : no wrapper required)
                                                11 SHEETS

447-5000-P                             ENGINE EXHAUST PIPE MANIFOLD WELDMENT
                                                2 SHEETS, Welded steel pipe and weld fittings
(Prototype IS A WELDED ASSEMBLY of cast steel parts for this low pressure vessel)

794-A-5001                             STEAM PIPE MANIFOLD WELDMENT
                                                5 SHEETS, Welded steel pipe and weld fittings
(Prototype IS A WELDED ASSEMBLY of cast steel parts for this pressure vessel)

942-A-5103                             BRACKET, VALVE STEM CROSSHEAD GUIDE,  6 SHEETS


932-5229-M                            TRUCK YOKE FRAME                                                   7 SHEETS

933-5064-M                            TRUCK PEDESTAL                                                       5  SHEETS
933-C-5066-M                        RIGHT (GEARED SIDE) TRUCK FRAME                  11 SHEETS

933-C-5067-M                        LEFT TRUCK FRAME                                                      8 SHEETS

933-B-5069-DS-M                 JOURNAL BOX (RIGHT, GEARED SIDE)                      7 SHEETS


373-A-5026-M                        DRAW HEAD MACHINED FROM SOLID                       9 SHEETS


483-A-5071-M                        CROSS MEMBER, FRAME END                                       6 SHEETS

Some sample drawings for the set are shown below, and a PDF price list showing is available by clicking here.


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