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Sets #1 though   #7 approx. 473 drawings numbers
Total number of drawing sheets: approx. 815
Shipping weight, total drawing package: approx 22 lbs.

Numerous assembly drawings illustrate each part of the locomotive. Each assembly drawing has a bill of materials listing the parts and drawings needed to build that part of the locomotive. This is an advanced build project. A "fledgling" builder might be well advised to enlist the help of an experienced machinist, or to acquire machine shop skills from the many books that are available through "Live Steam Magazine", Lindsay Publications, and other sources. The drawings are "machine shop" quality with the exception of tolerancing. 
Two and three place decimal dimensioning is shown, only to indicate possible areas for particular care in machining. Tolerances are not indicated beyond this, simply because the drawings are not intended for volume production, and I would expect the average machinist will make their own determination about fit-up of the parts. Needle bearings are shown at all pivot points. These are remarkably inexpensive to buy, and provide a very tight fit-up and superior wear resistance. I have also used o-rings to seal most of the pivot points. O- rings are also indicated in place of paper gaskets in the piston valve cylinder parts.
The drawings are all generated from solid models in the computer. They are reproduced on ledger sized (11 x 17) paper, all of uniform size for ease of handling and storage. The drawings are of a nice scale, easily to read, and not crammed together. The perspective views should be especially helpful to the model builder.

The designer/drafter can be easily reached by e-mail for help with the drawings.

No material call-outs are shown on the drawings. All specifications for MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION remain the responsibility of the builder. The drawings are presented as a guide to the shapes and sizes required to build a scaled-down model of the original prototype. The builder must assume all responsibility to provide materials of adequate strength, durability, heat treat, hardness and other material properties to suit the purpose of each piece part.

Special note:
It is my view that the purchase of a set of drawings is just the beginning of a relationship between the builder and me.
Now with the internet it is possible to request clarification on any and all aspects of the drawing package.
I encourage each builder to keep in touch with me, and to contact me with any and all questions concerning the drawings.
If you need a dimension, another view, a correction, whatever, just drop me an e-mail (or call) and I will investigate the matter promptly.
All the drawing and model information is in the computer. With 3d CAD it is only a matter of a few mouse clicks and keystrokes to get another dimension, or a new drawing view.

So please keep in touch.

I can advise ways to make a piece part, however machining and building techniques will vary widely depending on the builder's skill and tools available to his use.

Happy studying and building.
For current pricing, please contact:
Rich Killen
24427 236 Th Ct. S.E.
Maple Valley
WA, 98038, USA
E- Mail:
Ph: 206-920-2817
B.S.M.E. 1962 (Retired, after 40 years in machine design)
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