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Western Maryland #6 - 150 ton 3 truck Shay

Build Your Own Shay

This website describes an  eight-part drawing package to fabricate and assemble a live steam working model of the famous 150 TON, 3 TRUCK SHAY, WM #6, SHOP NUMBER 3354-ORDER NUMBER 510. The links at the left allow you to view and download PDF summaries of each drawing set. As the links and summary documents show, this is a set of engineering drawings with comprehensive detail and quality. Furthermore, the drawings are backed by Plan - Ahead - Designs e - mail product support to answer questions and provide recommendations. This model is designed in 1-1/2” = 1’, 7-1/2” gauge scale, and faithfully scaled and reproduced from original museum documents.

About the Shay WM #6

The Shay WM No. 6 was called the "Big Six" (Western Maryland No. 6). This engine was the last and second largest Shay ever produced by Lima. It was ordered in May 1944, and it was completed nearly a year later in April 1945). It was built for use on Western Maryland’s Chaffee Branch (Garrett County, Md.)

Shop Number  3354
Built for:  Western  Maryland Railway
Built: 05-14-1945
Class: C 150-3
Trucks: 3
Cylinders: [#-Dia. x Stroke]  3 - 17 x 18
Gear Ratio: 2.45
Wheel Dia.: 48"
Gauge: std
Boiler: [Style - Dia.] E.W.T. - 62.375"
Fuel Type: Coal
Fuel Capacity: 9 Tons
Water Capacity: 6000 Gallons
Empty Weight: As built, 269,960
Owners: Western Maryland Ry Co., Western Maryland Ry #6, Elkins, WV, (9-1950)  Retired from service; (7-4-1953) Baltimore & Ohio Transportation Museum  #6; Mount Clare Roundhouse, Baltimore, MD; (8-1980) Leased to: State of West  Virginia, Cass Scenic RR #6, Cass, WV; (1990) Baltimore & Ohio Railroad  Museum, Inc., Baltimore, MD; (7-1984) Operational, Cass Scenic RR #6, Cass, WV  

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